Thursday, November 8, 2012


     Making healthy lifestyle changes can be more difficult than most people would think.  It is common for many people to set unrealistic goals for themselves which automatically sets them up for failure. For example, I hear of many people who never exercised a day in their life and then all of a sudden New Years Eve hits and they decide their resolution that year will be to go to the gym every day. Two weeks pass and they decide it is impossible and they do not have time. A realistic goal for someone like that would be to go to the gym two to three days a week to start, take baby steps.  It is important to set small goals that can be achieved in a short period of time so that one may gain the confidence and motivation necessary to continue their plan towards living a healthier lifestyle.

      I believe that in order to be healthy one must be balanced in three areas, mind, body and spirit.

1) MIND 

     Our minds can be our personal enemies, filled with negative thoughts and self-hatred. Our minds can also be our best friend, filled with positive thoughts and self-love. It is important to be aware of our thoughts and keep them as positive as we can. 

Examples of Short-Term Goals for a healthy mind:

a) I will pay attention to my thoughts and be aware of what I am thinking and how it is making me feel.  (You may wish to keep a journal and write down what you notice about your thoughts once or twice a day.)

b) I will meditate for 5, 10 or 15 minutes once a week, twice a week or even daily. 

c)  I will read a couple pages of a self-help book every day Below is an example of an incredible self-help book that I have read a few times and I recommend to anyone and everyone that wants to heal their life and create a healthier lifestyle.

     Our body can be our personal enemies filled with fat, pains and diseases. Our body can also be our best friend filled with energy, mobility and health. It is important to be aware of our body and keep it as healthy as we can. 

Examples of Short-Term Goals for a healthy body:

a) I will pay attention to what I am eating to make sure that what I put in my body is healthy and makes me feel good. (You may want to use a food journal to write down what you eat and how you feel after your meals to see if there are foods that are not doing your body any good.)

b) I will exercise three times a week, or daily. (you may want to keep an exercise log that is preplanned and give yourself a sticker for the days that you follow through with what you have planned)

c) I will get 8 hours of sleep at least 5 times a week or daily.


     Our spirit can be our personal enemies, lost or weak from worldly ways. Our spirit can also be our best friend, continuously gaining strength and wisdom to aid us on our journey. It is important to be aware of our spirit and to try our best to stay connected in a world where it is easy to forget that it even exists

Examples of Short-Term Goals for a healthy spirit:

a) I will get outdoors and connect with nature at least three times a week. ( Example: 15 minute walk in a ravine or park away from the business of the city.)

b) I will listen to relaxing music for 10 minutes before I go to bed so that reconnect with myself and God (or your Higher Power). 

c)  I will pray to God (or your Higher Power) at least once a day so that I can remind myself of the true meaning of life.        

"Go within. When we invest more energy in developing our spiritual lives,the outer world begins to take care of itself." 
                                                                       - C.Richardson

 Do not think you have time to make so many small changes? Try starting with one goal, YOGA once a day for at least 15 minutes and your mind, body and spirit will all benefit.

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