Monday, December 10, 2012


     It took me 27 years to be introduced to a fruit! I was at the grocery store a couple weeks ago and they were giving samples of what looked like an orange tomato. Why not? I tried this fruit, expecting a tomato-like taste. Instead I was blown away by a sweet fruit that is commonly compared to a blend between an apricot and a mango. I certainly do not have a better way to describe it. I recommend giving this delicious fruit a try Many people use this fruit in dessert recipes, or dry the fruit to have in cereal or a trail mix. I enjoy this fruit simply sliced and on its own :) 

This persimmon is quite ripe 
so it is much softer in the middle.

Benefits of Persimmon's 

- source of Vitamin B and C
- great source of fiber
- source of antioxidants 
- full of minerals
- anti-infective properties
- anti-inflammatory properties 
- some say it even regulates energy flow 

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