Monday, January 28, 2013


     Last night I attended my first raw vegan potluck and it was fantastic! There is a wonderful website called Meetup that allows you to meet with different people who share similar interests. It can feel quite lonely when after 27 years of life lived one way you decide to make some huge changes and live your life in a very different way. I am blessed to have family and friends who accept and welcome my new way of living, but I continue to look forward to meeting people who have also made the leap to a whole new world, a vegan lifestyle. To my surprise there were many people at the potluck who were not vegans and simply just wanted to try something new.  I had a wonderful night of tasting many different raw vegan dishes, learning about different methods of sprouting (mini presentation) and best of all meeting others who share my love for raw vegan food. 
 Thank you Raw Aura for your cozy space :)

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