Wednesday, February 6, 2013


     The SAD (Standard American Diet) is high in acidic foods. A pH of 7.4 is the normal pH level for humans and it is slightly alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. Since our bodies are naturally supposed to be at a slight alkaline level it is important to consider avoiding highly acidic foods. I will list highly alkaline foods as well as highly acidic foods. Keep in mind there are many moderate and mildly alkaline and acidic foods that I will not be mentioning. I am listing the highly acidic foods to avoid and the highly alkaline foods to eat more of.

HIGHLY ACIDIC                         HIGHLY ALKALINE 

- alcohol                                                 - himalayan salt
- coffee                                                  - grasses
- black tea                                              - cucumber
- fruit juice, sweetened                          - kale
- cocoa                                                   - kelp
- honey                                                   - spinach
- jam                                                       - parsley
- mustard                                                - broccoli
- miso                                                     - sprouts
- rice syrup                                            - sea vegetables
- soy sauce        
- vinegar
- yeast
- dried fruit
- beef
- chicken
- eggs 
- fish
- pork
- shellfish
- cheese
- dairy
- artificial sweetners
- syrup
- mushroom                                                           

     It is important for the body to be in balance, at a pH of 7.4. Therefore it is not healthy only to eat alkaline foods. As I mentioned there are many mild-moderate acidic foods that can be eaten that will not create so much acidity in your body. Some examples are black beans, brown rice, mango and many other fruits. When our bodies have a pH of below 7 we are at risk for mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity and many other diseases. Eat your greens :D 


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