Friday, February 8, 2013


     The Evil Queen constantly asked her magic mirror, "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?" She always got the same answer, Snow White. Filled with rage she was determined to get rid of Snow White once and for all. I always wondered, why didn't she just ask her for her secret to such beauty? You see, the Evil Queen was bitter because her skin was old, wrinkly and dry from many years of living through icy and cold winter months. All she really needed to do was ask Snow White her skin care routine and I am sure that with proper care, her skin would have healed itself, as for her heart, I would have offered her "A Return to Love". :P
     Yesterday morning I was in my condo gym listening to Chum FM. They had a guest on their morning show, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Lista. Dr. Lista was asked questions about skin care in the winter months and how to keep your skin healthy and young. He spoke about the importance of moisturizing and wearing sunscreen no matter how many clouds are in the sky. Our skin needs extra attention and care in the long winter months and it is up to us to take action.
      Just because it is winter does not mean your skin cannot have a healthy glow. It is common for skin to get really dry in the winter and lucky for you I had a few words with Snow White and she decided to share some of her skin care secrets.

1) Drink more water
Keeping your body hydrated allows for your skin to be hydrated as well. The more hydrated your skin the less likely it will become dry. Makes sense right?

2) Exfoliate
When exfoliating your skin you are simply removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin which will then allow the live cells beneath to be revealed. There are different methods of exfoliating to use depending on your skin type so make sure to do some research on the best way to exfoliate your skin. Also, be careful not to exfoliate too often, research says 2-3 times a week. I exfoliate a little more often but I also make sure that I follow step 3 right after.
Key Lime Body Scrub
This product is amazing! When I do not use my usual body wash with my scrubby scrub I use this body scrub instead. I use it a couple times a week, usually when I am in a rush.  This body scrub is amazing because it exfoliates and hydrates all at the same time. When I use this scrub there is no need to lather my body in creams or oils afterwards.

Nourishing Carrot Facial Scrub 

This facial scrub is wonderful because it exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. It is gentle on the skin and therefore is great for sensitive skin.

3) Hydrate
Hydrate your skin with chemical free, organic creams and oils. For my face I use 100% pure products because they are 100% natural and 100% vegan. I use the Organic Rose Hydrosol to hydrate my skin and the Organic Argon Oil to nourish my skin.

 Coconut Oil
There are so many benefits to using and eating coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great alternative to creams and does an excellent job at nourishing skin and even hair. Coconut oil is said to delay the wrinkling and sagging of skin. It is also a great massage oil. ;)

4) Sunscreen

Dr. Frank Lista stressed the importance of wearing sunscreen on your face in the winter, even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. He said the the UVA and UVB rays get through the clouds easily and reflect off everything so even if you are wearing a hat it can the damage can still be done. 100% pure foundation contains SPF protection along with many other makeup companies, therefore no excuses.

     I am sure there are many other ways to help keep your skin healthy through the winter months so start by following these four easy steps and then continue to do some research and take care of your beautiful skin because we all deserve to look as healthy and glowing as a cartoon character :P

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