Monday, February 11, 2013


       I will assume all readers know what a tampon is, what it is used for and where it goes. You may or may not be aware that the majority of tampons on the market contain chemicals, and if you know where tampons go then you know where the chemicals are going too.
      Unfortunately we live in a world where we need to research and look for healthier options because $$$, success and convenience just seem to be more important than our environment and our health. I have done my research and whether or not all of the research I read is 100% true, one thing is for sure, the more natural ingredients in a product, the healthier the product is. When I say 'natural' I mean earth grown, unprocessed and naturally safe for the body. 
      After reading a few articles on the process of making tampons and the chemicals used to make tampons I concluded that I will stick with the brand I have been using for a few months, Natracare.  Natracare tampons are "healthier by nature" because they contain one ingredient, 100% organic cotton. This cotton is chlorine free and perfume free.
       "Natracare was developed as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the use of rayon in tampons, and the extensive use of pesticides on conventionally grown cotton. Since 1989, natracare has been trusted by women seeking a chemical-free choice in tampons, pads, panty liners and wipes. Natracare Organic cotton tampons and chemical free pads are high quality products made from only pure and natural materials that are not chlorine bleached and are free of plastics and other similar synthetic materials that have a negative impact on your environment."
       "Out of respect for all living things, Natracare products do not contain any animal ingredients or raw materials processed with any animal products. Neither the raw materials nor the finished products are ever tested on non-human animals. All Natracare products are suitable for vegans and people of Faith whose teachings respect animals as sentient beings."  (

Search more Natracare products, find where to buy them and learn more about what they stand for at Natracare.

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