Saturday, February 9, 2013


      Nothing feels better than taking care of yourself, looking good and feeling great. When we are at our best it is much easier to become more selfless and reach out a hand to others. I know most women and I am sure some men would agree that having healthy, well groomed nails can simply add to that confidence and help us to feel great about ourselves. 
    I remember for many years I would brighten up a gloomy day by going to a nail salon and either getting a mani and pedi, a polish change or even a set of fake nails. Looking back I now realize that I was going to a place where chemicals were used to make my nails look better but really what they were doing was making them unnatural and unhealthy. At the same time I was inhaling toxic fumes for the 30 to 60 minutes that I sat in those awesome massage chairs that just seems to take my mind off of the horrible fumesThat was then, and now I am grateful to be aware of healthier options to colourful nails.
      I first searched for vegan nail polishes, and surprisingly there are many well known nail polish companies that do not use animal products or do testing on animals. That made me smile :) However, many of these companies still use chemicals in their nail care products that are not necessary and certainly not healthy. I believe that everything put on our body is absorbed or in the least has an effect on our bodies. Just think about it, why is it that pregnant women should not paint their nails? Toluene and Dibutyl Phtalates (DBP) are chemicals found in nail polish that are toxic specifically to a developing fetus and can cause birth defects. These two chemicals can also result in many negative side effects such as short term memory loss and headaches.  The third of the "toxic trio" chemicals in nail polish is Formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer, asthma and skin problems
    I believe that the healthiest nails are nail polish free, but I also like to change it up once in a while and add some colour. Do not be sad, there are safe options to colourful nails. Suncoat is a company that makes water-based nail polishes and is claimed to be the number one long-lasting and quick-drying water-based nail polish on the market. This company is not a vegan company but does have various shades of polish that are vegan and none of their products are tested on animals. Suncoat nail polish is not 100% natural it is said to be the most natural polish on the market and it does not contain any of the 'toxic trio' chemicals. 

Check out the list of Suncoat nail polishes by clicking on the link below. When you get to the site click on 'products' and then 'nail polish' and you will see an entire list of polishes and it will clarify which ones are vegan. You can purchase Suncoat polishes at most health food stores in Canada. 


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