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I just finished my giant dinner :P What I realized a few days ago is that I need to eat dinner much earlier than regular dinner time. Since I go to bed fairly early, 9-9:30ish, I need to make sure my dinner is eaten at least 4 hours before I go to bed. When I was eating dinner at 6ish I had a hard time falling asleep and that was because my body still had so much digesting to do and so I was restless and tossed and turned for hours. Since I have been eating dinner much earlier I am falling asleep just like I used to, head hits the pillow and I'm out!

I have been drinking much more water than usual and thus have been needing to go to the washroom through the night, usually once but sometimes twice. I am not concerned about this because I want to flush all toxins out of my body and water helps with that. However, I will try to stop drinking water at least 2 hours before to go to sleep so that I do not have a full bladder.

My skin has continued to break out, big time. I know that hormones could be playing a role in my skin condition right now, but I was getting worried as to how much my skin was breaking out so I did some research online. Most people who begin the 811LFRV go through a big detox stage, and most toxins exit the body through your skin. I will give my body more time to cleanse and try not to let it get to me. I have been loving everything about eating this way, the only downfall thus far has been my breakouts and thus the pros outweigh the cons by far so I will carry on with my 30 days :)

THE CHINA STUDY - T.Colin Campbell

"Two of the most frightening statistics show that diabetes among people in their thirties has increased 70% in less than ten years and the percentage of obese people has nearly doubled in the past thirty years." (p.14)

*Heart disease is the number 1 killer in our culture. This is how my dad died, long before his time, and I will make sure that I do everything I can to share the knowledge I have gained to help those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. "The most dramatic recent finding is that heart disease can be prevented and even reversed by a healthy diet." (healthy NOT meaning the SAD- Standard American Diet)

"If you are only interested in a two-week menu plan to lose weight, then this book is not for you. I am appealing to your intelligence, not to your ability to follow a recipe or menu plan. I want to offer you a more profound and beneficial way to view health. I have a prescription for maximum health that is simple, easy to follow and offers more benefits than any drug or surgery, without any of the side effects. This prescription isn't merely a menu plan; it doesn't require daily charts or calorie counting; and it doesn't exist to serve my own financial interests. Most importantly, the supporting evidence is overwhelming. This is about changing the way you eat and live and the extraordinary health that will result." (p.21)

"The science is there and it must be made known. We cannot let the status quo go unchallenged and watch our loved ones suffer unnecessarily. It is time to stand up, clear the air and take control of our health." (p.25) 

 Day #12 complete :D

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