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I must be 100% honest with everyone. I have NEVER felt happier, more peaceful and more alive. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have come across this rewarding way of living. This way of living has not been difficult for me for one second. I have tried many different ways of eating, diets, and strategies to be healthy and feel my best. Nothing I have tried in the past, including cooked vegan and raw vegan, has come close to the way I feel when I eat a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet. Now I know what it means to THRIVE.  I am so very grateful and hope to inspire others to just try this way of living so that they may at least have the opportunity to experience this bliss.

THE CHINA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell
I read a couple more chapters from this book and have learned so much. I highly recommend everyone to read this book because it is so informative and certainly gives me the motivation and knowledge I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I will be quoting the book and highlighting some facts that I find very important, but please realize that this book so too good to just skim through and I will not be rewriting the book on my blog.

CHAPTER 2 : A House of Proteins
- Protein is VERY important for our health, we need it to grow and survive.
- Animals proteins are the 'best' source of protein for our bodies next to human protein. BUT studies show that animal proteins are harmful to our health and thus the best source of healthy protein for our bodies comes from fruits and vegetables. "...there is a mountain of compelling research showing that "low-quality" plant protein, which allows for slow but steady synthesis of new proteins, is the healthiest type of protein. Slow but steady wins the race." (p.31)
- Beware of peanut butter, learn about where it comes from, make sure your source is healthy. "The best peanuts, which filled "cocktail" jars, were hand selected from a moving conveyor belt, leaving the worst, moldiest nuts to be delivered to the end of the belt to make peanut butter." (p.35) ---contains high levels of a toxic fungus (aflatoxin) which has been linked to cancer and is said to be the "most potent chemical carcinogen ever discovered."(p. 34)
- "Namely, the children who got liver cancer were from the best-fed families. The families with the most money ate what we thought were the healthiest diets, the diets most like our own meaty American diets. They consumed more protein than anyone else in the country (high quality animal protein, at that), and yet they were the ones getting liver cancer!"(p.36)

CHAPTER 3: Turning Off Cancer
- Incredible chapter! I have learned so much about cancer, how it forms and how it can be prevented!
- Low-protein diets reduce tumors. (plant-based protein)
- Plant protein does not promote cancer growth, even at high levels of intake, but animal protein does even at low levels. (p.59)

 Day #13 complete :D

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