Thursday, April 4, 2013


ZUCCHINI PASTA- zucchini, yellow pepper, tomatoes
CURRY SAUCE - curry, hemp seed, lemon, cayenne... 



Today was a great day :) I enjoyed all of my meals and had no periods of hunger. I continue to have almost too much energy, but it is great because I am able to do more things!! :D I am noticing my skin is breaking out. This could be one of many things, and the 80/10/10 does say that there will be signs of detoxing for the first while of eating this way. I will be patient with my body, I am aware that I have polluted it for 27 years and know that it will take some time to heal. Other than that, still lovin' it!

Things I have learned/liked/wanted to share after continuing to read The 80/10/10:
- Cooked or raw, it is important to eat low fat because increased fat in the bloodstream reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells which can predispose us to cancer. (p.135)
- When you lack enough carbohydrates then you put yourself at risk for: fatigue, loss of strength, reduced sex drive...
- Most people who first go raw vegan (myself as the perfect example) think with the mentality that "I know all this fat isn't so great for me, but at least it keeps me raw" (p.137) I would eat 4-5 CUPS of nuts a day, avocados, oils on my salads etc...My fat consumption was deadly and I am so grateful I found this book to lead me in a much healthier direction. Why did I eat so many nuts? I was not getting enough calories from fruits and vegetables, in fact I thought that I needed to limit my fruit because it was high in sugar. So instead of eating enough calories all day from healthy foods, I overloaded at night because I was starving and went straight for high calorie sources.
- "We should not food ourselves into believing that anything resembling true health is possible without regular, vigorous exercise." (p.150)
- "If there were a diet that resulted in muscle gain, bodybuilders would be found in the kitchen, instead of the gym. We lose or gain muscle due to variations in our physical fitness programs, not through dietary shifts." (p. 153)
- Two extremely toxic substances found in households are: plain table salt and alcohol. Details can be found on p. 154-155)
- Signs of dehydration: deep yellow urine, urinate fewer than 6x in 24hrs, not large 'loads' of urine.
- "When a man is about to die from dehydration, the toxins within his body have become too concentrated for his body to cope with." (p.154)

 Day #4 complete :D

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