Sunday, October 6, 2013


As mentioned in my previous post, change comes from taking action. Every January 1st billions of people decide they are going to make healthy changes in their lives. Many people have good intentions but give up quickly because of their mild to extreme society provoked addictions. Alcohol, food, exercise, sex, gambling, drugs, cigarettes, shopping and so many other addictions keep us from our goals, they cloud our minds and make it difficult for us to make positive changes that last.

Society makes it so easy to buy non-organic, GMO food, because it is EVERYWHERE and costs less than organic food. Society makes it easy to believe that eating animal products is healthy. The Canadian food guide states that animal products are necessary in order to be healthy despite the loads of research stating otherwise. Factory farming brings in more money than you could imagine and thus the government pushes these cancer causing products on us and along with the cartoon pictures of happy animals are more and more lies.  Society makes it easy to turn on the television at night and escape from reality for hours, zone out and NOT LIVE. Society makes it easy to believe that if we do not look like a super model we are worthless. Society makes it easy to get fast food, it is everywhere, and we all know it is garbage at this day-in-age. Society makes it possible for us to search the internet for things that bring us down, lead us away from love and sicken our minds. Society makes things far from love seem OK, normal, and acceptable. Our society is driven by money. Money is route of loads of evil. Think about it, cigarette packages show you pictures of what will most likely happen to you after smoking and the research proving how detrimental the second hand smoke is to the environment is well known, yet cigarettes are still made, sold and smoked. Why? MONEY.

What happened to eating whole foods, playing outdoors, not working 24/7, putting family first and spending quality time with them. Yes, that still exists, but in the realm of things, much less than in the past. Video games babysit children for hours a week. TV's, shopping malls, movie theaters, strip clubs and bars are often places people turn to to escape from reality and to ignore the present. People socialize around junk food and other intoxicating substances because that is what has become norm.  I do not think there is anything wrong with doing some of these things in moderation, but when they take over our minds and our daily lives then we are no longer living a life worth living. Just be aware that there are so many other options, healthy options that can lead you to peace of mind and happiness. The easy thing to do these days is fall into all of the traps in our media and money driven society. The more difficult but rewarding route is going against the grain and living a healthy lifestyle with as much moderation as possible. For some people, that will mean staying away from most of these things all together, for others it means paying careful attention to their goals and priorities daily to make sure they do not sink further from many of the joys that life is meant to include. 

How do we know if what we are doing is good for us? Ask yourself, does it bring love into your life? Isn't love all we need? Some people thing that if a smile is on their face then they are happy. Give an alcoholic a drink and ask him the next day if he is happy. Ask a man leaving a strip club if he is happy. Ask someone who just went on a shopping spree if they will be happy when they get their visa bill. Ask a child after 10 years of playing video games and junk food if they are happy. Happiness is tricky, because many addictions do make us happy in the moment. Does what you do, the actions you take, is LOVE the result?

I admit this was a rant :P Just my thoughts :) Thanks for reading. 

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