Sunday, October 6, 2013


What you don't know (or what you avoid thinking/learning about) can't hurt you---FALSE. Become aware, make changes and reap the benefits. This can be said for so many aspects of life. How natural are the products you use? How processed is the food you eat? What chemicals do you use daily that are taking years off your life? I guarantee the majority of them, if not all of them, can be replaced with a healthy, safe, organic, and most often vegan alternative. Yes, paying a little more is worth it.

I hear so many people constantly saying that it is not possible for them to live a healthy lifestyle because it costs too much. The crazy thing is that most of these people spend money on cigarettes, alcohol, materialistic items or other things that are far from necessary. What are your priorities? In a world full of cancer, diabetes and heart disease BIG changes need to be made. In order for change to take place, action needs to happen but the first step to change is becoming aware.

Go for vegan products. If things do not 'need' to be tested on animals then they are much more likely to be considered naturally safe for the human body. Testing on animals happens when humans take chemicals, put them in our products and hope that they won't kill us. Just because we do not flare up in rashes does not mean it is not affecting our health in a negative way.  

Shoot for organic. Buy as much organic products and produce as possible. Pesticides, chemicals and GMO's are extremely harmful to our physical body and are cancer causing. Another important thing to remember is that our physical health is tied in with our mental, emotional and spiritual health. We need balance. If our body is toxic then we will suffer mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


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