Saturday, December 28, 2013


November 10th 2013, what an amazing day! I am so grateful to have had such a beautiful bridal shower with my family and friends. It was perfect. I would like to thank my Aunt Elinor and cousin Kate for hosting such a wonderful day. It means the world to me that you hosted a vegan shower in my name, thank you. I must add that the food was incredible and everyone loved it and asked for the recipes afterwards. Delicious!

I am the only vegan in my Italian, Irish, Polish and French family and it was a big shock to my family, my fiances family and some of my friends. Having said that, I have such amazing family and friends who embrace me for who I am and have chosen to accept all of me, even my differences. I have been told by some family and friends that I have inspired them to stop buying products that are tested on animals and many have started doing their own research on the vegan lifestyle. I am grateful. At the end of the day my mission is not to change anyone. To each their own, but I know that I would have been grateful to have walked along this path many years ago so I want to give others the same opportunity that I had over a year ago, to become educated on the vegan lifestyle and see all of the love it brings to one's health, the environment and the loving creatures of this earth.

 Delicious and nutritious vegan dishes made
 by my loving Aunt Elinor and cousin Kate.
Mouth watering, decadent desserts. YUM! 
Chocolate & vanilla cake, so moist and delish!
Thank you to all of my family and friends who came out to my bridal shower and showered me with love and generous gifts. Thank you!  


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