Thursday, January 9, 2014


January 4th, 2014 was by far the absolute best day of my life! I got married to my soul mate, a true angel, the most incredible man, the man of my dreams. I am grateful. 
I would first like to share about how things went while planning our vegan wedding, because at times it was not easy. When we got engaged I had been living the vegan lifestyle for about 10 months. I say lifestyle because I want to stress to new readers that vegan does not mean veggie diet, it means cruelty-free lifestyle. My fiance was vegetarian for only a few months and getting engaged meant planning a wedding, a celebration that incorporates food, lots of food. Let me tell you that I did not realize that to many people the food is the most important part of getting married, guests need to be fed what they love and they need to be satisfied. I learned that quickly when I had family members stress how it is wrong to serve vegan food to people who would never eat it. This experience made me stronger, it broke me at first, but when my wounds healed I gained a new strength and I felt great sticking to what I believe in despite going against the grain. 

My fiance made it clear that he wanted a vegan wedding even though he was eating vegetarian, he said that he was working his way to living a vegan lifestyle as well. His support gave me much needed strength and in time I realized that life is not about pleasing others, but rather being the best person you can be and holding true to your beliefs, no matter what. I had to send out an email to many family members letting them know that I was hurt about what I was hearing, their concerns about the food and being upset, judging and making accusations. I sent out an email to many family members trying to best explain the vegan lifestyle, I ended up getting many pleasant responses. My God Mother even threw me a vegan wedding shower (in previous blog posts), things started to turn around and my beliefs were being understood, but most importantly respected, just as I respect that others have their own beliefs. I wanted guests to be happily fed, but I could not have hundreds of animals killed in our name, for our special day, there would be nothing special about that.
We wanted our wedding at The Old Mill in Toronto and we were turned down at first, they said they could not throw us a vegan wedding. We persisted, spoke to another person and were so grateful that they changed their mind on one condition, the meal had to be a buffet. Could we have cared less about it being buffet? NO! We were so happy that they were going to help us host the first ever vegan wedding at The Old Mill! :D The food turned out to be phenomenal, people wanted recipes and some of the biggest meat eaters were raving about how great the food was. We had some people question us, asking if it really was vegan food because they couldn't believe how great it was. This made our day 1000x more perfect and precious to our hearts. Our goal was not to turn people into vegans, it was not to force people to eat one vegan meal, it was simply to stay true to our beliefs and in doing just that my husband and I were able to open many minds. We are grateful. Thank you to The Old Mill for taking on the challenge of a vegan wedding. Also, if you are interested in hosting a vegan wedding at the Old Mill, they now have a vegan buffet menu which you can see below.

Our wedding cake --- Sweets from the Earth
We chose a vanilla cake with vanilla icing, it was moist and delicious! We had guests asking us all night where we got our cake from :) 
Our cake toppers were hand made in Thailand. Our three girls, Miley, Clara and Kami (chameleon on Clara's head). Ryan, my husband, gave me these cake toppers in October for our two year anniversary :D

Our wedding favours 
--- PETA donations
--- Giddy Yoyo- raw vegan mint chocolates

--- One Salon - This salon uses vegan products - no testing on animals 

Makeup --- I had a vegan company (Lush Brush) cancel on me at 2am, just a few hours before the bridal shower. I was devastated and upset because they were going to do our hair and makeup for the wedding too. My beautiful cousin saved the day and did our makeup with products that were not tested on animals, but not vegan companies. This I add only to point out that things cannot always be perfect, but you must always try your best.


1. Spring Mix Compilation, Cherry Tomatoes, Shaved Cucumber, Assorted Dressings 
2. Orzo Pasta Salad, Artichokes, Red Peppers, Marinated Mushrooms, Shallot Vinaigrette
3. Wheat Berry, Golden Raisin, Pumpkin Seed & Sunflower Seed Salad, Cider Dressing
4. Fennel, Carrot, Pear Slaw, Apple Cider Vinaigrette
5. Tuscan White Bean Salad, Olives, Onions, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Parsley, Lemon Vinaigrette

1. Roma Tomato & Cherry Tomato Platter with Fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Grilled Tofu & Pepper Skewers
1. Braised Vegan Tagine Tofu, Eggplant, Zucchini, Roasted Garlic, Tomato Sauce
2. Vegan Penne Pomodoro, Roasted Peppers, Garlic, Mushrooms, Leeks, Pomodoro Sauce
3. Sweet Potato Mash
4. Herb Roasted Mini Potatoes
5. Vegetable Medley
1. Chocolate Vegan Cake
2. Panna Cotta with Soy Milk
3. Poached Fruit in Red Wine
4. Seasonal Selection of Fruit
5. Wedding Cake - Vanilla - from Sweets From the Earth
Food --- The Old Mill - vegan buffet upon request 

VIDEO: My incredible husband and his surprise song to me at our wedding>>>COMING SOON<<<<<Check out VIDEO! :)
Thank you Ben & Star for the video :) 

Photography --- Laurin and Lovell Photography
* All photos on this blog post are from Laurin & Lovell our incredible photographers that are so very wonderful to work with :) Thank you Shari and Sandra for capturing our special day.

* We planned our own wedding from start to finish and we were thrilled with how it all turned out :)*

***FOREVERGREEN 1.4.14***
  Never feel like change cannot happen with small actions, each little action contributes to small changes which can create positive, beautiful and bountiful changes in this world. 


Roses can be red, 
and I brought one just for you.
You were there in my heart, 
you're still my hero, it's true.

Though I could not see, 
your winning smile,
I could feel your presence, 
walking with me down the aisle.

Your candle lit the room,  
for everyone to see, 
that even though you are gone, 
you will always be with me. 


Love always, your KareBear. 

 My beautiful mom. I love you. 
My little sister, my maid of honour, I love you.
My big brother, thank you for walking me down the aisle. 
I love you. 
 My husband, thank you for being my best friend,
 my soul mate, my other half. I love you. 
Here are all our wedding videos :)

Video 1- Tough Mudder Proposal - A photographer was at the finish line because she was there taking photos of other teams but she caught our proposal and put it on Youtube for us to find! We had her as our photographer at our wedding only 8 months later :) THANK YOU SHARI!

Video 2 - Tough Mudder Proposal - video random woman caught on her phone - clips of Ryan singing - she contacted the Tough Mudder and got us this clip :)

Video 3- The song Ryan recorded himself for our first dance. He has a beautiful voice and he sang our song and changed the lyrics at the end into a proposal, which is the part he sang at the Tough Mudder. Our photographers put this together for us :)

Video 4- Ryan singing his vows to me at our reception. HUGE surprise and it was by far the best moment of my life. Thank you Steve Orsini for this video.

Video 5 - Ryan singing his vows to me at our reception. (video #2) Thank you Star Spider and Ben Badger for this video with unseen clips from the wedding :)

Video 6 - Our official wedding video! Thank you Ben & Star!!! Your work is AMAZING!

UPDATE: May 7th 2016 - Our wedding has just been featured online at Mashable. 10 tips for planning a vegan wedding


  1. One more year till my January vegan wedding!! My fiance and I booked our hall at Roma's in Mississauga, and they have been EXTREMELY helpful and accomodating thus far. They even had the idea of a vegan poutine station after dinner :). I am happy that you guys had decided to have to stick with your ideas for the wedding; I completely understand what it's like to have family/friends give you a hard time (I'm currently on that boat now). Congrats to both of you! Best wishes :D

    1. Congrats on your engagement! It is great to hear that another vegan wedding is taking place :D Vegan poutine, YUM! You will be inspiring loads of people next January and along the way, be proud of yourself for staying true to your beliefs and helping make a difference! Best wishes to you and your fiance :)

    2. Thank you!! I feel much more positive now hehe :D

    3. Hey Sarah, My wife and I are travel photographers, and she is also a talented makeup artist. We have been traveling the world for 2 years now but are coming back home to Mississauga to start working again doing wedding photography and makeup. Let us know if you are interested as we offer competitive rates.
      We are creative, down to earth, and both vegan :)
      Pass it on if you know of anyone else who might be interested.

      you can contact us here

      Hope you have a wonderful wedding.

  2. Beautiful in every sense of the word. So inspirational!

  3. Wonderful story and gorgeous wedding! You are a true inspiration!

  4. Congratulations and well done for living your beliefs and being the change you want to see in the world. Doing this has helped to open your family and friends minds to veganism as a valid lifestyle. I've catered my two step-children's 21st parties and my partner's 50th party all vegan. People didn't even realise until they started raving about the food and came to me for recipes. I love the look of surprise on people's faces when they find out.

    1. Thank you so much Cath :) Thank you for sharing about your vegan catering experiences, I love to hear all that good stuff :D

  5. Its all good except for the party favours, why in the world you would give to Peta is beyond me..they are best look up how many animals they save and the actual number of how many they's quite shocking.

    1. I have never heard anything about PETA being animal killers but I am certainly open to hearing what you know. I donated to PETA for all of the good they do for animals. A video posted on PETA ("The best speech you will ever hear"- by Gary Yourofsky) is the sole reason why I went vegan in the first place. I wanted to give back to the organization that gave so much to me, a peaceful lifestyle full of love for all beings. Again, always open to finding out more truths :)


  6. Awesome! I wish you and your husband many decades of vegan wedded biss!

  7. This story sounds so familiar to me. My husband and I were married in May, and both being vegetarians, we of course wanted a vegetarian wedding. We got many negative responses at first and gossip behind our backs...people saying "you can't do that to your guests who are paying a lot of money for a good meal" and even "I'll throw their invitation away when I get it in the mail". It was awful. We weren't going to have meat, something we are strongly against, at our wedding just to please people. It was supposed to be a day to celebrate our love, not a day to upset us. The food ended up being absolutely delicious, and people raved about it. Congratulations on your wedding and for standing up for your values!

    1. Heather, thank you for sharing your story with myself and the other readers. You also inspired and opened many minds and that is so wonderful to hear. Keep on inspiring and good on you to stick to your beliefs as well :)

  8. Amazing. What a wonderful wedding, and the food looks amazing!
    We only wish we had gone vegan before we got married. We'll have to have a vegan 10th wedding anniversary party! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you :) Yes, shoot for the vegan 10th anniversary, that will be beautiful! Thank you for your comment!