Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yesterday was the first day of the Guelph Resilience Festival! The Vegfest Guelph team got a table at the Eco Market to help raise money for Vegfest Guelph and raise awareness about the vegan lifestyle. The Eco Market & Community Connections Fair each year consists of different vendors that showcase different ways to help the environment and give people the resources and information to live a green lifestyle. Check out the different Eco Market vendors that were part of the festival this year.

I am so grateful to be part of the Vegfest Guelph planning committee. We are in the works of putting together the first ever vegan festival in Guelph for this September 2014. This was our first of many fundraiser events where we sold delicious baked goods, handed out a variety of literature on how to live the vegan lifestyle, and we were able to promote the vegan lifestyle to hundreds of people who came to our table throughout the day. It was such a successful day in that we were able to give others some basic knowledge pertaining to the vegan lifestyle, knowledge I personally wish I was given so many years ago.

A special thanks to Fairly Frosted Vegan Bakery for taking part in our bake sale fundraiser. Thank you also to Danielle who was kind enough to donate some baked goods for this special event, your banana bread and brownies were fantastic. Thank you to one of our own, super-mom Kelly, who made delicious carrot cake loaves. 

Our table at the Eco Market :)
Literature to help educate others all 
about the beauty of a vegan lifestyle.
Becky and moi. 
Becky is currently raising money to go to Guatemala to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation and conservation centre. Every donation counts. Please consider donating HERE for a great cause :)
 Nathan & Becky
Nathan did an exceptional job creating the Vegfest Guelph Website that was just launched earlier this week.
 Christine - Making vegan look extra good :)
Kelly & her adorable baby Anika, Robyn & moi
Trisha & Denise


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