Sunday, April 27, 2014

PANCAKE SUNDAY - Banana & Blueberry Bite sized Pancakes!


Pancakes, who doesn't love them? I have made so many different varieties in the past many years, but they have gotten much more fun to make since going vegan. Why? Just because :P 

My husband and I decided to make every Sunday a pancake Sunday :) Today was our first pancake Sunday and we cheated a little buy using a mix, but why not? This quinoa pancake mix is vegan, gluten free and organic with only 7 ingredients. We added almond milk and flax meal to the mixture (instructions on the back of the bag). 

 We defrosted some organic blueberries :)
 VOILA! Breakfast is served---made in under 10 minutes!
I wonder what we'll make next Sunday!?!?! :D 


  1. These look so good, and I have organic frozen blueberries in the freezer right now. We love pancakes!

  2. I kinda think they look like a mess! :P A delicious mess they were :)