Monday, April 28, 2014


Vegfest Guelph once again put together an incredible fundraiser to help raise money for our September 21st event. Last night at 10 Carden in Guelph we held a movie night with a special introduction by Derek Walter and Steven Jenkins, the fathers of Esther the Wonder Pig. Derek and Steve shared their story with all who came out and touched the hearts of all of us, it is impossible for their story not to move a heart, you would in fact need to be heartless. Thank you Derek, Steve and Esther for bringing so much love and light to this world.

I have been vegan for almost two years now. I watched one video and made a decision to never take part in the ongoing animal cruelty again. I also made a decision to never watch an animal rights documentary again because I could not sleep for months after the first one.  Last night I was not going to stay for the movie because it is painful to see the truth, but I found it hard to leave. I watched Speciesism and it was absolutely incredible and enlightening. Mark Devries, the director of the documentary exposed the truth in such a fascinating way, I really do not see how one could watch the video and not jump into the vegan lifestyle. I must mention that although this film sheds light on the dark, Mark is brilliant and there were many great laughs throughout the film. After a night of tears and laughter I can say that I feel stronger, more passionate about 'being the change', hopeful and excited to continue living true to my beliefs.

 10 Carden Movie Night :)
 Thank you to everyone who donated food and their time for this special event. 
 My beautiful sister who has decided to go vegan after meeting
Derek and Steven and watching Speciesism.
 My incredible husband who has a huge heart and gives me so much strength.
 Christine and Nathan eating the delicious pizza from Pizza La Villa.
             Steve, Derek, Christine, myself, Denise, Nathan and Robyn 
 Derek and Steve 
Their story is heart warming, inspiring and life changing.
Esther the Wonder Pig has a wonderful team :)
 Christiane, Derek, Steve and myself

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