Monday, May 5, 2014


Yesterday my hubster and I had the pleasure of going out for brunch with our veggie cousins :D They introduced us to a vegan restaurant, a popular one I must add, in downtown Toronto. The Hogtown Vegan meal was a treat to say the least. Our plates were loaded with deep fried, finger lickin' (but we used forks) calorie high master pieces. I say master pieces because since going vegan almost two years ago I have not tried vegan chicken or eggs and oh my goodness I could not believe how much it felt and tasted like I was eating chicken and eggs! This is a must try restaurant for anyone who wants to go vegan but is having a hard time letting go of foods they love.

 Brunch Menu
 Unchicken & Waffles

 Tofu Rancheros
 PB & Banana French Toast
Piggy Receipt :)
 Ben & Star
These two creative love birds put together our wedding videos exactly four months ago yesterday. 
If you have not seen their talent check out our greatest gift of all ---> OUR WEDDING VIDEO
Thank you forever Ben & Star :D
Hubby & Me

Check out their other incredible menus! ----> The Hogtown Vegan

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