Monday, May 26, 2014

HONEYMOON - Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

A few days ago my husband and I returned from our much needed vacation, our honeymoon. A few months before that I told Ryan that for our honeymoon I would like to go wherever he wanted to go and do whatever he wanted to do. Ryan planned the perfect honeymoon destination with the most adventurous honeymoon activities. It was the trip of a lifetime and we will always hold the memories we made there close to our hearts. 

Ryan decided he wanted to go scuba diving with me, I started to regret giving him the power of planning our honeymoon. One of my biggest fears is what lies beneath the waves of the sea. I have been stung by a very poisonous jellyfish (portuguese man-of-war) and have always feared many other creatures of the sea. Ryan then mentioned the Galapagos Islands and showed me the resort with all of the activities we would be doing, I was thrilled! I took my diving course about a month ago and we did a practice pool dive together the night before we left. At that point I felt confident and was excited to get to the ocean. 

We spent one night in Guayaquil, Ecuador and then flew to Santa Cruz (one of the four inhabited Galapagos islands) for a couple nights and then took a boat ride to Isabela (another Galapagos island) and then back to Santa Cruz for two more nights. It was a shorter trip than we wanted but expensive to say the least. We did so much and saw so much each day, we lived it to the fullest!

We had beautiful suites and rooms for our honeymoon.
All of the beautiful and FREE wildlife were breathtaking.
Los Gemelos
The Galapagos Islands
Crystal Clear Water
Marine Iguanas
Snorkeling - a great warm up to scuba diving :P
Las Grietas
Our restaurant deck view
Sierra Negra Volcano - Lava fields, last erruption 2005
Marine Iguanas were everywhere, beautiful little dinosaurs.
Loads of gorgeous birds.
The famous Blue Footed Boobies.
My first dive! "Everything is really good"
Surgeon Fish
Star Fish
School of Baracuda
Sea Lions were also everywhere :) In boats, on rocks, 
on shore and took over our hotel deck. 
Flamingos in the lagoon 
We stayed at the Red Mangrove Adventure Lodge in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz and did the Darwin Adventure Tour. The staff were amazing. The food was delicious and super easy to eat vegan, and the lodge was breath taking! Check it out here ---- Red Mangrove Adventure Lodge This trip is highly recommended to anyone who loves beauty, nature, animals, adventure and learning!  

We took about 2000 pictures and saw many more incredible animals such as the endemic Galapagos penguins, land iguanas, numerous birds, sea turtles, sharks and more! 

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