Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pancake Sunday!--- Double Chocolate Chip

     Pancakes! Or maybe pan cookies? Or just fried blobs of chocolate 'gooeyness'. Who really cares as long as it tastes good right? Well for Mother's day brunch we certainly were going for something a little more presentable, but our test run still hit the spot.

     "They taste like cookies"***"A little soft on the inside"***"I'll have the burnt ones"--- It was a learning experience :P Fun family time and lots of good laughs.

 oatmeal, almond milk, water, flax meal, chocolate chips
 mini vegan chocolate chips
 melting due to the hot water added to the oatmeal...oops!
 chocolate oatmeal pancake batter
 more chocolate chips!
 YUM :)
  Double Chocolate Chip & Banana Pancakes!