Saturday, October 4, 2014


I have recently learned that true happiness comes to those who are living their life's purpose, all the time. It is only human to feel lost at times, to wonder what the point of life is and why it has to be so difficult. The truth is, life is not difficult, not matter how many losses, struggles and pains you go through, it does not have to be difficult. It can be, but it is up to each individual as to how they want to face life - how you cope with what life throws your way says everything about your spirit. As I taught my students this week, healthy means to be positively balanced in body, mind and spirit. Society directs our attention to the physical, to the material, to what we can see. It is safe to say that spiritual growth is lacking in our modern-day society. 

I believe that everyone's purpose in life is to shed light in dark places. I have learned that true happiness comes from giving, inspiring and BEING THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world. 

To live a purposeful life, one needs to always be aware of what they want and not let instant gratification take it away from them. One must have a pure awareness so that they can take themselves outside of situations and see things from all perspectives, having an open-mind brings much peace to the soul. To be purely aware is to meditate 24/7, to be at peace all the time, to live in the moment, to shut down fears from the past and worries about the future, to be positive and free from negativity. 

So, I challenge you to find your life's purpose, to find a dark place that needs light and make changes to balance your own health so that you can direct light into the dark places. It is impossible for a dirty mirror to direct light, so cleanse yourself, get healthy in body-mind-spirit and shine some light in this dark world, then watch your spirit grow, watch your mind settle and watch your body shine. 

I am grateful that I have found my life's purpose. My spirit jumps for joy when I speak for the lives that are not being heard, that are being ignored and murdered. When I take action to shed light on the speciesism epidemic my body, mind and spirit are aligned and that is how I know it is my life's purpose. I live to educate, to inspire and to be the change. 

I am so grateful for my current career as an occasional teacher. I get to inspire students daily, over thousands of different young souls a year. I get to walk in the classroom and teach the future, I get to plant seeds and open minds, I get to live my life's purpose. I do not walk in a class and talk about veganism all day- not at all. I teach the curriculum planned by the teacher, however, EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY I GET I talk about what matters most - love, having an open mind, thinking for oneself, showing gratitude, standing up for what you believe in, health in body-mind-spirit, and everything children need to learn to be able to cope with what life will inevitably throw their way. The vegan lifestyle is often brought up, how can it not be when that is where I yearn to shine my light. 

This week I had the pleasure of being in a grade 6/7 class all week long. I planned the lessons for math, language, history, geography, social studies, religion, healthy, physical education and so on. I also made sure to inspire the students daily to make positive changes in their own lives. I enjoyed my week more than words can say. I decided to hand out a teacher evaluation during the last period on Friday. I told the students that they did not have to put their name and that it was only for me to read. I wanted to know what they learned from me this week and what they enjoyed about my teaching. I wanted to see how I could grow, what was appreciated and what I need to do more of. My spirit was overjoyed at the responses I got and I wanted to share some of them to prove a point, that living one's life purpose is rewarding and a great way to inspire others to do the same.

What is one thing you learned from Ms. Orsini this week?

"Ths week Ms. Orsini teached me that there are lots of people out there who love and care for animals that mutch" 

"I learned that vegan is a great lifestyle to have and health means being healthy in your mind, body and spirit."

"In math, I learned how to cross multiply which was a new topic for me."

"I learned cross-multiplication in math. I also learned how much animals mean to Ms. Orsini." 

"I learned to be quiet in the classroom."

"What I learned from is Mr Orsini had two dogs"

"I learned all about gratitude and how to be healthy"

"About Animal Rights"

"I learned all kinds of things about gratitude."

"I learned about Ms Orsini is to be respectful, stay focused and positive attitude and great more lessons."

"I learned math that Ms O was teaching us. And Ms. O teached us how to be Happier and Healthy life."

"I learned that she knows a lot about healthy things, she is very healthy and cares about everything."  

"I learned that it's bad to stress."

What did you enjoy most about Ms. O?

"I enjoyed that Ms. Orsini has a positive attitude and only gets made when people are not being Respectful"

"I enjoyed how she was very funny."

"I enjoyed when Ms. Orsini talked about how being vegan changed her lifestyle, and how being healthy is really important." 

"I liked when Ms. Orsini talked about her vegan lifestyle, and when she corrects someone in a funny way"

"I enjoyed how Ms. O was kind, carring about us, and would explaine everything in class"

"What I enjoyed about Ms O is that she told us stories about herself"

"Looking at her calendar of quotes from famous people"

"That she thought me things I didn't know and she encouraged us to do good at work in school. She was kind too." 

"I liked that she wasn't that strict and she was really enjoyable." 

"Her talking about her vegen life"  

"I enjoyed how she made up the rules." 

"I enjoy that she is nice, and doesn't disrespect people. She had teached our class a lot. I hope to see her again very soon!"

"I enjoyed that Ms Orsini helped us with anything we needed and that she teached us about everything very well. She is a great supply." 

"I liked that she put a gratitude box." 

"I enjoyed how Mr. O tought us different lessons about many things *I would also love you as a full time teacher at our school"

"What I mostly enjoyed about Ms. Orsini is that she would talk about her life. P.S. I wish you could be our full time teacher." 

After reading these my eyes filled with tears. My body, mind and spirit were instantly at their optimum health. I felt whole. I felt as though I was the most blessed person on the planet. I could not even contain how great I felt. Yesterday was my dads 6 year anniversary for his passing and I felt like he was speaking to me through these children. I felt love from my dad because of the love I was being given from lives I touched this week. I have nothing to do but to be grateful for my blessings as well as my trials in life, because they continue to strengthen me and allow me to grow in body, mind and spirit. 

We are not BODIES with a SOUL. 
We are SOULS with a BODY. 
Let us remember to nurture our souls. :)

Thank you for reading. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Karin. I am glad you exist. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher. I am proud of you. I will share this on Facebook. Bravo!

  2. Thank you for your kind words John. You are a huge inspiration to me when it comes to being fearless about spreading awareness about the vegan lifestyle. It is easy for me to feel as though I am doing something wrong talking about it with other peoples children, but I need to remind myself that there can be no wrong in spreading the truth, to give others the opportunity to choose not to take part in such atrocities. So thank you John for being so brave yourself and setting the perfect example of what it means to take action. Thanks also for sharing this post :)